Check out the latest single “Pretty Hurricane” by Laura Ivancie 

Produced by Auditory Sculpture and Laura Ivancie

Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Hahn; guitar by Kevin Hahn

Opal Studios, Portland, Oregon, 2014


It’s so sweet
how you give in
do you know
that you’re mooore than—this? 
it’s so sweet
you can’t forgive
and it’s kiiilling you— so fast

It’s so sweet
your self-defeat
tasteful lies
rosy face and thighs
it’s so sweet 
your willful winds
dangerous tides
run and try to hide

You, the breath, the water, come and crash against me 
The earth, the fire, come and scatter the seeds
We’ll drink it down until we’re feeling pretty

It’s a shame
how good you taste
Here’s to you
For the time we waste
It’s a shame
you feel so good 
I’d be yours if you understood

It’s a shame
your innocence 
wild, child-like bliss
It’s a shame
your loyal heart
what a work of art

Chorus x2

Is this who you wanna to be?
Is this who you wanna be?
Is this who you wanna be (pretty) hurricane?


Laura Ivancie performs at "A Touch Of Portland Benefit KBOO Community Radio 2014" | Facebook ]

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