Laura Ivancie performs “You’re My Music” from her debut 2013 EP “Marrow” at Dante’s PDX for ‘Femm-EDM’ Showcase 9/19/14 Also Ft. Hopscotch (LA), Acoustic Minds and DJ Tracy


Beautiful photography by Teri Briggs - thanks sweetie! Hippopotamus sized THANK YOU to the ever-impressive and talented Acoustic MindsJenni Price,Amanda PriceJosh LorenzenAaron Altemose (PDX), the fiercely skilledHopscotchAnahata LaBaw (LA), loved your whole vibe DJ Tracy (PDX), The sexiest Go-go dancers in Portland: Sisters of SpiralErika EllisMelody Kay,Megz Abernathy, Live painting by the gorgeous and talented: Panda Stubits and Kirsten Muir of Happy Accidents, our beloved “swiss-army knife” sound man, Jay KingFader Bozich, epic stage lighting by Jason GoersJosh Wuerthof VIASOL, Gr8 video by the generous Chuck Duncan, Nate and Tyler of Nsite Pictures, Dusti Stewart and Pocho’s Chingaderas behind the lens snapping shots all night! The venue: Dante’sLaurie Wandle for her intuitive tarot talents, super-cuties: Larissa Roberts and Nusheen Ava Bakhtiar for helping sell our merchandise, mama Sue Bray Helmer for her mythical, fearie-esque stain glass art, Oregon Music News,The Melting Pot Radio ShowKBOO Community RadioInessa Anderson/Portland Radio ProjectVincent Tallbut at 89.1 KMHD2 and of course everyone who attended and danced their A$$es off, we all really appreciate your support so much! I probably forgot tons of people so everyone of you that shared your gifts and made it out to the show, you all made it such a memorable, magical experience! So happy that I get to do this! Hope you enjoyed the music, thanks so much to my talented music producers who are also such great musicians and people! It is such an honor to work with you, let’s keep it up: Keith SchreinerAUDITORY SCULPTURE and Kevin S. Hahn/Opal Studio, the human drum machine Mike Collins! I love you all and can’t wait to do it all again soon   


Dante's Presents a Femm-EDM Showcase: HOPSCOTCH from LA, Acoustic Minds, Laura Ivancie, Dj Tracy and MORE!! | Facebook ]

Portland Radio Project and Oregon Music News partner with a Femm-EDM Showcase to bring you some of the hottest up and coming female artists in the US!
September 19th, 2014 come be apart of a historic night at Dante’s!
Sure to tempt you with sexy, grimey beats and vocals written and produced by each featured female act. Come early to grab a seat, as standing room is sure to be all there will be left by the time the show starts. 
Lineup is as followed:
Doors 8pm
Dj Tracy: 9pm 
Laura Danielle Ivancie: 945pm
Acoustic Minds: 1045pm
Hopscotch: Midnight
Dj Tracy: 1- close

Sisters of Spiral to perform on the catwalks!!! (bring your tips for these HOT HOT ladies)
Live painting by Kirsten Muir and Pep Amanda Stubits aka “Happy Accidents”
Live readings by Laurie Wandle aka Divine Mechanics
Photography by Dusti Stewart and Pocho’s Chingaderas
Videography by Chuck Duncan and Sue Bray Helmer 
We will also have precious stones and gems from Chris, and glassworks by Sue 

Check out the latest single “Pretty Hurricane” by Laura Ivancie 

Produced by Auditory Sculpture and Laura Ivancie

Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Hahn; guitar by Kevin Hahn

Opal Studios, Portland, Oregon, 2014


It’s so sweet
how you give in
do you know
that you’re mooore than—this? 
it’s so sweet
you can’t forgive
and it’s kiiilling you— so fast

It’s so sweet
your self-defeat
tasteful lies
rosy face and thighs
it’s so sweet 
your willful winds
dangerous tides
run and try to hide

You, the breath, the water, come and crash against me 
The earth, the fire, come and scatter the seeds
We’ll drink it down until we’re feeling pretty

It’s a shame
how good you taste
Here’s to you
For the time we waste
It’s a shame
you feel so good 
I’d be yours if you understood

It’s a shame
your innocence 
wild, child-like bliss
It’s a shame
your loyal heart
what a work of art

Chorus x2

Is this who you wanna to be?
Is this who you wanna be?
Is this who you wanna be (pretty) hurricane?


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